Telecom Services

Our Technical Capabilities / Responsibilities
Complete solution providers for TI/TSP/I&C works.
Providing BTS swapping of any makes.
Providing Micro/Macro/GSM antennas, Installation.
PM/CM measures for any equipments at sites.
Providing Civil/Electrical corrections.

BTS Installation & Commissioning
Providing BTS swapping of any makes.
Installation, Testing & Commissioning of all ranges of Telecom equipments related to GSM, CDMA and WiMax.

Installation and Commissioning of BTS:
»   Indoor & Outdoor.
»   MW with Alignment of Hop & Commissioning.
»   Metro BTS, Mini BTS, Furniture BTS.
»   BTS ODM Sites.

Integration of BTS Sites and clearing AT Points.
Sector addition work and BTS Configuration.
Site Patching (E1) from BSC to Connecting Sites.

Radio Links
VSWR Measurements.
Installation of .3m, .6m, .9m, 1.2 and 1.8 MW Links Alignment and Commissioning
7 GHz and 15 GHz MW Links Installation and Commissioning.

Link Integration
Transportation Carrier-Terrestrial Microwave (SDH / PDH).
Network & Wireless Network Integration.
In – Building Solutions( IBS ) for GSM/CDMA.
Laying & Termination of OFC Cables, I/F Cables, Feeder Cables in BSC, MSC & Switch Rooms.
Carrier – Optical (DWDM – SDH / SONET / ATM).

Operation & Maintenance
Optical Fiber Networks & Telecom Cell Site Infrastructure Maintenance.
OMC-R, BSS and OSS Services.

De Installation
BTS Both Indoor & outdoor.
Microwave with Feeder Cables & Antennas.

MW LOS Surveys

EMF Surveys
Electrical Audits of Sites, BSC’s and MSC’s.
Site Acquisitions /Approvals for authority for Infra-development.

Other Services As Total Solutions Provider ( TSP ) –

RF Planning.
Site Actuations.
Civil Works.
Electrical Works.
Tower/Shelter Works.